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[Maison d'hotes Lespoune en Béarn]
[Accéder à la Maison d'hotes Lespoune en Béarn]







Relax in our outdoor garden hot tub, dominating the ramparts of Navarrenx while admiring Pyrenees, as well as on numerous benches and sitting rooms, simply enjoying reading and listening to birds singing    

In the relaxation room, a sauna will help you to melt away tiredness

You can enjoy many literary works in our library, pertaining to the region and the world


            We have arranged everything at Lespoune with the sole intention that you may relax and rejuvenate yourself, mind and body, leaving behind the stress of the day-to-day.


On booking, , a certified masseuse specializing in reflexology can help you to unwind and rediscover your inner energy


Massage détente (1h) and reflexology (1h) : 60€               Shiatsu : 30€(30mn), 60€ (1h)           californien massage  (1h) : 60€ 

Access to jacuzzi and sauna is free for two nights stay or more. It's 10€ for a 30mn use (4 persons max) for a one night stay

Le forfait relaxation, on 3 days/2 nights, is perfect to appreciate the calm pour profiter tranquillement de l'atmosphère sereine dégagée par la maison et ses propriétaires Yves et Nicole

Domaine Lespoune            Yves et Nicole Everaert         20, rue camblong 64190 Castetnau camblong         tél : 05 59 66 24 14            mail : contact@lespoune.fr

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