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[Maison d'hotes Lespoune en Béarn]
[Maison d'hotes Lespoune en Béarn]
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[Maison d'hotes Lespoune en Béarn]
[Maison d'hotes Lespoune en Béarn]
[Accéder à la Maison d'hotes Lespoune en Béarn]

Dominating the fortified  city of Navarrenx and the river “Gave of Oloron”, the Lespoune house has existed for centuries.

First built in the beginning of the XVIIIth century, the house was drastically renovated  at the end of the XIXth century by its owner, after he came back from argentina, where he had made his fortune.

In 2006, we fell in love  whith this majestic residence which had lain dormant  for decades. We have spent 2 years bringing back the place to its former glory state with special attention to the quality of materials and the large spaces.

We also favoured modern-day comforts, with quality linens, peaceful places like the large relaxation room equipped with a sauna, the garden spa, all of which allow you to relax and rejuvenate in an atmosphere of tranquility.


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Soucieux de préserver notre environnement, nous essayons de consommer le moins possible de produits le dégradant, en utilisant des produits de toilette bio, le moins possible les emballages plastiques, en récupérant les eaux de pluies dans notre puits, afin d'arroser fleurs et potager

Domaine Lespoune            Yves et Nicole Everaert         20, rue camblong 64190 Castetnau camblong         tél : 05 59 66 24 14            mail : contact@lespoune.fr

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