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[Maison d'hotes Lespoune en Béarn]
[Maison d'hotes Lespoune en Béarn]
[Accéder à la Maison d'hotes Lespoune en Béarn]

Domaine Lespoune            Yves et Nicole Everaert         20, rue camblong 64190 Castetnau camblong         tél : 05 59 66 24 14            mail : contact@lespoune.fr

You want to discover products and recipes of the southwest, with a fascinated person?

To cook the fresh foie gras, the vegetables of the kitchen garden, the local meats as the duck or the lamb? 


Nicole bring you to markets and local producers, or you will choose the products which you will prepare together.

She likes cooking and her cheerfulness and her original ideas will allow you to learn of delicious recepies, quite in passing a good moment!

Example of program on 2 days:

Arrival the previous evening,Meal together or not according to the schedules of arrival,

1st day: the morning, visit of the local market (Navarrenx, Orthez or Oloron according to days)

Noon, light meal prepared for all,

The afternoon, the cooking course on a theme chosen together, preparation of to dinner,


2nd day: the morning visits of the kitchen garden, local cheese farmer  or Jurançon vineyard

The afternoon: small course followed by a visit, Navarrenx, or the hopital - blaise church

Practical conditions:

Number of persons between 3 and 6, aprons are supplied.

The price(prize) is a function of the accommodation, single or double,

400€ in single, 300 in double, reduction for prolonged stay.

The convenient periods are in March, June and October. In the mid-week, 15 % reduction.


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